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What value does a Realtor bring to the table?  We could say experience.  We could say contacts.  We could say knowledge.  Maybe roll all of these into a ball.  So if you are considering selling your home, don't you want someone to guide you through that process?  Sure you can go on YouTube and watch a video.  But the video does not have a knowledge of your area and your market.  A Realtor does.  The video may be only a snapshot in time.  You need a Realtor who knows what is currently going on in your market.  The Realtor can help establish the value of your home and a reasonable listing price.  The Realtor can list your property on MLS and have thousands of other Realtors have their thousands of buyer clients become aware of your listing.  A good Realtor will advertise broadly for you in different venues in addition to the MLS listing.  A good Realtor will have your listing be distributed to 70 different websites for marketing purposes.  I hope you will consider using a Good Realtor, Judy Chapman, Appleseed Realty LLC for your next home buying or selling experience.  You will have experience, contacts, and knowledge on your side.  Better than a video.....
Posted by Judy Chapman on July 25th, 2018 3:05 PM

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